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COVID-19 Visitation Restrictions

Restrictions to patient visitors at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center are currently in effect.

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is taking all necessary steps to protect the health and safety of patients, visitors and staff.

Penn Presbyterian Medical CenterVisitation for Inpatients

NO VISITORS are permitted for inpatients at this time.

  • This applies to both non-COVID and COVID-positive inpatients.

The hospital may make exceptions in rare circumstances:

  • End-of-Life: two (2) people will be allowed at the bedside. Virtual options are also available.
  • Patients may have a designated support person essential to their medical care, approved by the care team. The person must remain at the bedside.
  • Pediatric patients (18 years or under) may have one (1) designated parent or guardian stay with the patient, but that person must remain at bedside.

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayWe realize that these restrictions may create challenges, and we are very sorry for any difficulties they may cause. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Patient Experience for further assistance.

Visitation for Procedures

  • Patients having a surgical/outpatient procedure may have one (1) family/support person, who can wait in a designated waiting area during the procedure and will be allowed a brief 15-minute visit post-procedure. The person must leave once the post-procedure visit is complete.
  • This includes Surgery (Penn Presbyterian Medical Center & Penn Medicine University City), Infusions, Cardiac Cath / Electrophysiology, Stress / Echocardiogram Tests, MRI, CT Scan, Interventional Radiology, and Gastroenterology / Pulmonary procedures. It also includes Radiation / Oncology treatments.

All Visitors Must

  • Have their temperature checked at entry
  • Wear a mask or face covering
  • Practice social distancing
  • Perform frequent hand hygiene

Visitation for Office Visits / Testing

  • Patients for office visits (evaluation and management visits) are NOT permitted visitors unless they fall into one of the existing disabled or special needs exceptions:
    • Disabled or special needs patients: One healthy designated support person essential to patient care for patients with disabilities that include compromised communication (Alzheimer's, Developmental Delays, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.). If provided the exception, the visitor must stay with the patient or in a designated waiting area for the entire visit.
  • This applies to both Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and Penn Medicine University City.

Health Screenings

When entering Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, all patients and visitors are required to complete a health screening, which may include having your temperature checked and answering questions about your health, quarantine routines and any recent travel outside Pennsylvania. Any visitor who presents with a temperature higher than 99.0 degrees (F), has a persistent cough, has/had exposure within the last 14 days to a COVID positive person or has traveled from a high-risk geographical area will not be permitted to enter the hospital under any circumstances.

While you're in the hospital, you may have periodic monitoring.

Face Coverings

To help maintain a healthy environment, we are requiring all patients and visitors to wear a face covering or mask at all times within Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. We ask that you bring your own face covering or mask to wear. If you do not have a face covering, we will provide one.

In addition to covering your face, you should practice social distancing and restrict your mobility within the hospital as much as possible. When offered, please follow defined pathways for movement within Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

Movement of Visitors

  • We will continue to monitor inpatient visit exceptions and outpatient office visit exceptions and distribute updates to the entrances as needed.
  • Any visitors allowed in the hospital should minimize movement by going directly to and from only the appointed location.
  • The Cafeteria and Freshii are NOT open to visitors at this time (only to staff). Any allowed visitors are encouraged to bring their own food/snacks. If there is a need for a visitor to have food immediately, the Patient & Guest Relations office may deliver a snack bag containing crackers and peanut butter.
  • If a visitor requires use of a bathroom, staff will direct the person appropriately.
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