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Children from David Bradley Children's Bereavement Program making silly faces.

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayWhen it comes to loss of life, children have special needs - they do not have the same avenues or outlets as adults to express their grief, or the experience to understand all they are feeling.

For children ages 2 to 18, our David Bradley Children's Bereavement Program offers:

  • Individual grief counseling in the home, provided by certified clinicians trained to work with children - for children in our patients’ families
  • Phone consultations - open to any child in the community
  • Workshops - providing discussion, art, play and other activities
  • For local community groups, churches and schools, our counselors and chaplains are available for consultations, facilitating group discussions and serving as speakers on bereavement or end-of-life topics.

Children from David Bradley Children's Bereavement Program cooking in commercial kitchen and smilingGrief Reach: Rediscovering Family, Rediscovering Fun

Penn Medicine Hospice's Grief Reach Program offers family activities that encourage reconnection and creating new memories as a family, while remembering their loved one. All events are offered free of charge and are open to families in their second and third year of loss.

Camp Erin Philadelphia

Camp Erin PhiladelphiaQuay thử miền nam hôm nay is open to children and teens ages 6-17 who experienced the death of someone important in their lives.

Support the David Bradley Children's Bereavement Program

The success of the David Bradley Children's Bereavement Program depends primarily on the generosity of those who want to invest in the healthy future of a grieving child.

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