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What you need to know about Smell Loss and COVID-19

Dr. Richard Doty, the Director of the Smell and Taste Center, discusses losing your sense of smell during COVID-19.

The Penn Smell and Taste Center at Penn in Philadelphia diagnoses, evaluates and treats taste and smell disorders. The smell and tastes center staff provides a complete evaluation service as well as medical consultations for all taste and smell problems.

The Penn Smell and Taste Center in Philadelphia, founded in 1980, was the first National Institute of Health-funded clinical research center in the country devoted to the senses of taste and smell. It has achieved worldwide prominence for its research and clinical activities.

The smell and taste center provides:
  • Clinical evaluation, treatment, and counseling for patients experiencing chemosensory deficits
  • Research facilities for basic and applied aspects of taste and smell
  • Training for students, doctoral level scientists and others interested in taste and smell science
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