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For Nurses and Advanced Practice

Penn Medicine has established a solid reputation regionally, nationally and globally for providing the very best in nursing practice and health care through innovation and clinical excellence. It has done this by embracing transformational leadership, teaching and research, and by providing the most comprehensive and progressive services possible.

P = Patient Care and Service Excellence
E = Educational Pre-eminence
N = New Knowledge and Innovation
N = National and International Leadership

As a leader in clinical care, education and research, Penn aims to provide an enriching environment for all employees and an exceptional health care experience for each and every patient and family.
  • Transformational Leadership

    Through empowerment and accountability, Penn fosters an atmosphere of transformational leadership.

  • Structural Empowerment

    Quay thử miền nam hôm nayPenn nurses deliver the highest quality of care through continuing education and professional advancement.

  • Exemplary Professional Practice

    Penn provides medically proven, holistic care that addresses each patient’s unique physical, psychological, emotional and social needs.

  • New Knowledge and Innovation

    Penn nurses are improving care through advanced knowledge and innovation.

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