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See the latest Coronavirus Information including vaccinations, testing sites, visitation restrictions, and more.

Currently, Penn Medicine has protocols in place to maximize the safety of all who enter our hospitals and facilities. These safety policies include limiting people from accompanying patients to appointments or seeing them in the hospital.

Hospital Visits

Due in part to different directives from the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state governments, our hospitals and facilities are operating differently with regards to their visitor guidelines. Please visit the location website listed below for more details about the visitation policy there.

Doctor's Office Visits

Restrictions on Visitors, Families and Support People of Patients

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayFor all doctor's appointments and consultations, patients are not permitted to have anyone accompany them at any Penn Medicine locations, except when needed to help with care. If you feel you need help during your appointment, contact your provider's office to ask whether you may have one person over the age of 18 join you. No children under the age of 18 will be permitted to join you under any circumstances.

If someone drives you to your appointment, unless they are an approved companion, they will not be permitted to wait for you inside the building, including in the lobby or cafeteria. They must wait for you outside of the building until your appointment is complete.

All patients under 18 must have one healthy parent or guardian accompany them to their appointment.

We realize that these restrictions may create challenges, and we are very sorry for any difficulties they may cause. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Patient and Guest Relations, and they can try to assist you.

 and the Farm Journal Building at Pennsylvania HospitalQuay thử miền nam hôm nay. Valet parking at PCAM and Pennsylvania Hospital is for patients who need assistance and can't park their cars themselves. If you can park, please use our parking garages.

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayGarage and outdoor parking, drop-offs, shuttle service and patient escorts are available at all locations.

If you choose to use valet service at PCAM or Pennsylvania Hospital, please know that we are making it as safe as possible for you and our staff. Valet staff are being screened for COVID-19 each day. Each valet associate is issued PPE, including gloves, masks and safety goggles, and are given frequent breaks for hand-washing. We are also using PPE inside the actual vehicles, including steering wheel covers, shifter covers and seat covers.

We have made the handling of keys contact-less. You simply need to drop your keys into a clear bag: If the key has a metal stem for ignition, it will penetrate the bag, so the associate is only touching the plastic bag to turn on and off the car. If you use a key FOB, it will remain in the bag until delivery.

All vehicle PPE will be removed and disposed of prior to returning your car to you.

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