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Breast Cancer Patient Stories

Andy Sealy Breast Cancer Patient

Andy's Story

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayAndy Sealy found a lump in her breast. A few weeks later, she was being treated for metastatic breast cancer.

Head shot of patient Carlette

Carlette's Story

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayWith a family history of cancer, Carlette was not surprised to learn she had breast cancer or is a BRCA carrier. Here, she shares her personal experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer twice and how she is able to remain positive despite it.

Breast cancer patient Kathy Trow

Kathy's Story

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayKathy had been a nurse and nurse practitioner at Penn for more than two decades, but in the blink of an eye, she became a breast cancer patient in her own workplace.

Tawana Reynolds breast cancer patient

Tawana's Story

When Tawana was 44 years old, a routine mammogram detected breast cancer.

Traci Smith breast cancer patient

Traci's Story

Quay thử miền nam hôm nayAfter Traci Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she had to do whatever it took to become a survivor. In the time since her diagnosis, Traci is surviving, thriving and helping others on similar cancer journeys.